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If you’re interested in all the other queer stories I’m writing in this story world, you can find them in my subscription at Ream. Hit the button below and head over to the 13 Club: After Dark for early access to Victorian vampire daddies, a polyamorous paranormal quintet trying to get their shit together, and all my bonus content and goodies.

13 Club: After Dark, written in purple neon writing against a dark background with a vampire in the corner. Features 3 Ream tiers: Bloodclub donor at $3, Bloodborn Archive at $5, The Back Door at $7.

Playlist: July 2023

July’s playlist is inspired by all the vampires I’ve been writing lately.

Playlist: June 2023

It’s time for Pride! This month’s playlist is inspired by the celebration of life that Pride has come to mean to me.

Playlist: May 2023

This months playlist is inspired by my latest release, Of Blood & Oil. Violet is tested by an uncomfortable crush on her immortal neighbour, a twisted duke in a sea fort, and a hunted painting that bleeds.

Of Blood & Oil is Live!

Book 3 of Not the Same River is now available on all major online retailers | A hunted portrait. A twisted duke. An embarrassing crush.

Great News for Readers: Kobo Plus Comes to the UK & US

Kobo Plus is expanding its ebook and audiobook subscriptions to the UK and the US, providing us with an alternative to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.

Playlist: April 2023

This month’s playlist features music from 2017 to tie in with a story I wrote for members of the Thirteen Club, and is topped and tailed by songs with dog in the title to honour the titular character of the book: The Cursed Bones of Sergeant Boom!