What if the ordinary family you crave isn’t ordinary at all?

When an accident lands Violet in hospital, her mundane life in a London children’s home is disrupted by relatives she’s never heard of—the Penhaligons—and a mysterious visitor who disappears into the night after claiming he’s the father of the twin sister she never knew she had.

With her long-lost sister, Amethyst, to find, Violet turns to her new family for help. But the Penhaligons are far from ordinary.

Power and magic lurk at the priory, Violet’s new home in the Oxfordshire countryside, and she learns fast that nothing is ordinary there, least of all the hostile new neighbours—a coven of vampires, vaewolves, and demons.

As Violet grapples with family secrets, four powerful new brothers, and latent abilities of her own, Amethyst and the man who raised her find themselves in mortal danger—a danger that draws Violet and her family into a battle to save them.

Finally embracing the meaning of family, two questions burn at the back of Violet’s mind.

If vampires and demons exist, what are the Penhaligons?

And what is she?

A Storm of Paper Starlings is the first of six already written books, available now from all major online retailers. The Not the Same River series follows Violet as she goes from lost, gobby orphan to treasured warrior, finding the clan she would die for along the way.

If sibling banter, precious friendships, bitey neighbours, and terrible goats are your jam, settle in to meet your new ride-or-die crew.

Due to adult language and dark themes, this book is recommended for readers aged 15+ and is ideal for upper YA/crossover readers who enjoy diverse stories. The series should be read in order.

TAGS: LGBTQ, neurodiversity, diverse characters, urban fantasy, secret heritage, twins separated at birth, family secrets, the goats here are judgemental, are you gonna eat that, here lies death and gore, not all vampires are hot, but there was cake, synesthesia, dolls with chicken feet, the queen of libraries, that is not an acceptable use for an egg

The Weakest Link

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When life gives you blood and ashes, you’d better have a mop handy.

Being the only human in the family sucks.

Amethyst’s family is just like any other. So, her aunt is a pyromaniac, her uncles are into gardening, tea, and biting, and her dad is the leader of a vampire coven. So what?

It’s her sister that’s the problem. Mara is a liability with a price on her head and wolves at her door. Literally.

When a deadly threat invades their home, trust within the coven is at an all-time low.

And Amethyst is the weakest link.

The Weakest Link is a prequel to A Storm of Paper Starlings, featuring Violet’s sister, Amethyst, and the coven she grew up with.

It was written exclusively for members of the Th1rt3en Club, my monthly newsletter, and will never be available elsewhere.

TAGS: urban fantasy, diverse characters, secret siblings, the enemy within, domesticated paranormals, badly behaved vampires, family secrets

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