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The Th1rt3en Club

Want to read about the trouble Amethyst got herself into in the lead up to A Storm of Paper Starlings? Want to see the coven she grew up with through her eyes?

The Weakest Link is a free prequel novella exclusive to TH1RT3EN CLUB members. It will never be available anywhere else.

And that’s not all you get for signing up.

You’ll have the opportunity to opt into a free and exclusive bonus story featuring a very special main character and an advice-doling ghost you’ll become extremely familiar with. Look out for that in your third welcome email.

My monthly members only email features:

  • book news & updates
  • project progress & snippets
  • fantastical research tidbits & wild superstitions
  • earworms & eye candy
  • life advice from the dead (from ghost in residence, Simeon Fable)


The Weakest Link


When life gives you blood and ashes, you’d better have a mop handy.

Being the only human in the family sucks.

Amethyst’s family is just like any other. So, her aunt is a pyromaniac, her uncles are into gardening, tea, and biting, and her dad is the leader of a vampire coven. So what?

It’s her sister that’s the problem. Mara is a liability with a price on her head and wolves at her door. Literally.

When a deadly threat invades their home, trust within the coven is at an all-time low.

And Amethyst is the weakest link.

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So why the Th1rt3en Club?


In the late Victorian era, a bunch of clubs sprang up both here in the UK and across the pond that were nicknamed “bad luck clubs” because the owners and their patrons didn’t believe in superstition, and wanted to dispel silly myths.

They sat thirteen to a table, hired black cats to wander among the diners, and propped ladders up for people to walk under.

I thought a club like this would make a great subject for a story, so I set about writing one. My story is called Thirteen at the Leash. It’s set in Edwardian London—in 1913, of course—and features lesbian power couple, Hazy and Silver (vampire with a knife addiction and grumpy demon who accidentally became a rollerskating champion). They own a bad luck club called The Th1rt3en Club, which has an exclusive membership of female dandies.

So, that’s what I decided to call my little club.

You don’t have to be a female dandy to join me though. Or any kind of dandy. Just remember to stroke any black cats that stroll by.


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