Aiming for Honesty

So I’m new here. I’ve read all the blogging advice. Post every day. Post every other day. Post no more than three times a week. Wednesday’s are best. Sunday’s are best. Whatever you do, don’t blog on a Monday! You’ll be staked to the wall if you blog on Mondays. Fridays are right out. People check out on Friday to have a social life (what’s that?) and they don’t come back until Monday, whereupon they will stake you to the wall. Did I already say that? Don’t over post! Don’t follow lots of people, let them find you. Say what now? Follow blogs. Don’t follow blogs. In, out, in, out, shake it all about! I’m having an exorcist moment and if my head doesn’t stop spinning soon I’m going to throw up in your face.

If you are following me, thank you. If you are trying to decide whether to follow me, do it! I can promise you drivel, nonsense, possibly a few chunks of wisdom, a touch of inspiration from time to time. I won’t give you herpes. You won’t be able to smell me from there or suffer the embarrassment of seeing me in my “uniform”. We are all winners then.

When I started this blog, a few days ago, my only plan was to post a few times each week, to find blogs I liked (regardless of subject matter), read some new stuff and hope a few people would follow me. A few people have and I’m grateful. I’m reading your posts, sometimes liking them but so far my comments have been limited to one blog. I won’t name it here because I’m a tiny bit in love and that would just be embarrassing. But here is what I’ve learned from him in one morning. Be honest. Be yourself. Stop trying to please everyone. Don’t be afraid to piss people off.

These are things I have trouble with. Generally speaking, I’m not a people pleaser. I don’t go around massaging people’s egos, but I do avoid conflict. Conflict is the life-blood of fiction and I get plenty of it when I’m writing, so I don’t want my real life to be like Eastenders. I so much want to just spill my guts, to admit that I find people baffling, that I don’t even like people very much. I prefer to be by myself where I like to think expectations are pretty low, but actually I’m very hard on myself. And I need to stop it.

Somewhere on my hard drive is a folder full of blog post ideas, topics I want to write about and a stash of well-crafted posts that I’ve fannied about with until they bled. I write lean. It’s a habit I picked up through years of essay and report writing but it’s one I want to break the balls off. My fiction suffers because of it. So I might use some of those posts, I might carve them up a bit, but mostly I want to write straight into this box with my heart and guts and brain and my little typey fingers. So that’s what I’m aiming for. Honest, in-the-moment writing.

Thank you to my muse.

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      1. You’re welcome! Can’t wait to have a better look through yours as well (looks great)! :)

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