Shocked Myself

I totally freaked myself out earlier when I looked at all the writing I’ve done this year. Most of it is first drafts but I chucked it all into a single folder tonight. It consisted of my July Camp NaNoWriMo project, my November project, an outline for another novel, a first draft from earlier in the year, a few short stories and various articles. All in all, I’ve written 219,000 words. Two hundred and nineteen thousand words.

I knew that my two main projects total about 140K but I didn’t have a clue that I’d written so much other stuff. Aside from those that are flash fiction pieces, I didn’t even include blog posts. I pumped the numbers into google and it worked out at 600 words per day. Now some days I wrote absolutely nothing. Many days in fact. Other days, my pen flew across the page like the stylus of a rampant seismograph. I managed 10,000 words one day. It was my highest daily word count ever.

I’m not sure what any of this means, but I am working on my writing habits. Maybe by the end of next year I’ll have written more words than I wrote this year. Or maybe I’ll be over my relatively recent obsession with counting words.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I’ll be working on the quality of my completed first drafts next year. Counting words and joining writing sprints has been a new thing for me. It’s certainly helped me to get the bones of the story down on paper. I don’t think I’ve produced my best first drafts in the process, just my quickest. Whether it stays that way after what is sure to be a hefty editing process or proves itself to be a false economy remains to be seen.

      1. Write then rewrite then rewrite and so on… it’s all in the rewrites. The hardest part I think. If I like a paragraph or sentence because it is clever or emotional I put it in a file called (to go to). Then it isn’t lost, you may lift it up and use it somewhere else. Recycled sentences, dont feel as painful as cut sentences. But all that said Editting scares me. So good luck.

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