Cascadence of Truth: Patching Holes

This is a partial scene from Cascadence of Truth, the sixth and final book of NTSR. The series features angels, demons, vampires, werewolves, vaewolves and other vae breeds.

CONTENT WARNING: bloody scene.

Leia is called in to fix Hazy’s injuries after she’s found bleeding down a wall in the skanky flat above the Jade Forest.


Archer arrived ten seconds after I echoed. Two minutes later, Leia was on a not-white-anymore duvet squatting over Hazy’s body, pulling out knives. She wore blood gloves and a grim expression. Uriel always looked amazed when he watched Leia work. She’d been patching up my holes for years, and I’d taken her for granted. Sometimes the guilt of bringing her into this life filled me to sickness, but I couldn’t wish this away. This was a gift.

Leia looked up briefly. “She’ll be alright. This is … I don’t know what this is. There are still knives inside, but they’re not doing any more damage. She started clotting to prevent further blood loss, but she seems to be running like clockwork now.” She sat back on her heels, one hand on Hazy’s chest, and looked at Uriel. “Is that normal for her?”

Uriel nodded. “She can absorb weapons.”

“That’s not what’s happening,” said Leia.

“Perhaps absorb is not the right word,” said Uriel, scratching his chin, seemingly surprised to find a beard there. “She smuggles them beneath her skin.”

Archer’s head whipped around to look at me, his eyes wide.

Leia nodded, still pressing one hand to the centre of Hazy’s chest. “She’s done bleeding, but she was bruised inside. I’ll have to ask my brother what the right word is, but it feels like a bruise. She can’t keep doing this. It’s affecting her equilibrium. It’s a miracle that she knows which way is up.”

I laughed inappropriately. “We found her asleep on the wall, hobbit.”

“Oh. She does that thing you do? The walking up walls thing?”

“Yeah, she was the one who taught me.”

“We thought it was the teleporting,” said Uriel. “She can’t do it herself, but she always gets a nose bleed after.”

“I don’t think it’s the teleporting,” said Leia. “Could someone get me a bucket or a very large bowl?”

“I’ll go,” said Albert.

“Why do you need a bowl?” said Uriel.

“When I take my hand off her chest, she’ll puke for England. You’ll need to help me roll her over.”

Uriel looked down at his lemon shoes with a grimace.

“Aw, you dressed for Maggie’s house,” I said.


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The source image above is from fietzfotos on Pixabay.

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