Magpie’s Garden

I’ve been working on a book of short stories for a while now. I’m not posting excerpts yet, but here’s a brief blurb for Magpie’s  Garden.

The first time a hedgehog rolled into his garden and grew legs, Magpie thought he’d imagined it.

Magpie hasn’t spoken a word since he lost his daughter. When he builds a fairy garden in her honour, the last thing he expects is a hedgehog boy to move in with his fairy clan. Shattering Magpie’s quiet world, his new neighbours spiral into panic as they decorate their homes for their prince’s arrival.

Expecting an uppity little pint-sized prince, Magpie is dismayed when a mountain of a man arrives with his court of talking animals.

Still silent, Magpie is introduced to Prince Vallar as John. Hedgehog boys called Stalk were not very creative at human names. But nothing could force him to remain silent when he wakes in the arms of a veritable Viking hellbent on getting him into bed.


A guard owl and guard fox locked in a fierce and noisy battle of one-upmanship

A curious hodgie with long legs and a fondness for pizza ovens

A horde of fairies showing love works in many ways

A sweet romance between a socially awkward Thor lookalike and an introverted hermit, involving food, movies and tinkering in the shed.

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