Two Souls & a Pocket Watch

When the Thames is alive with the dead, who you gonna call?

This is another spin-off story from NTSR. It’s fully outlined and will be written during NaNoWriMo. Uriel and Bel are back after Puddles, this time taking a back seat. The story is set in 1900 around the old London Dock.


Vampire daddies are all the rage, but Armando Rose really doesn’t want one.

He had always been too pretty for his own good, but when a friend inconveniently dies, leaving him with a child to take care of, he assumes he will suddenly become less desirable to the undesirable men of the underground—a fact which would’ve suited him eminently, thank you very much. But he assumes wrong. His new charge, Cecilia, is already the best pickpocket in London at seven years old, and there is no shortage of men willing to exploit her.

Now, the Thames is alive with corpses thanks to the vengeful machinations of Jack Wish, who wants Cecilia’s nimble fingers and Armando’s body for himself. As a nephilim with two souls, Armando is corpse food. Unable to tap into his powers due to his father’s refusal to acknowledge him, he is forced to seek out something he never has before: a vampire protector.

Disfigured by a deranged nephilim, Abaddon has reason enough to distrust angels, especially pretty ones like Armando Rose, but wherever he goes, so goes the Rose. And where the Rose grows, trouble follows.

Can a supernaturally awkward angel and an enormous scarred vampire find love with a little help from a mischievous pickpocket?

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