Ninety Blooms & a Wishing Well

This is the last of the Victorian spin-offs I have outlined for NaNoWriMo. It’s a companion tale of Two Souls & a Pocket Watch, and it will feature my favourite foppish archangel, Uriel.

I was twelve years old the first time I summoned a well-demon to the garden.

Sitting by the well in his garden, Daniel raised a penny to his lips and whispered his wish.

“I am so lonely. My brothers are gone, my parents are empty. This house is my prison, this body my cell. All I ask is for a friend to call my own.”

Oliver heard every word, each striking his heart, an echo of his own loneliness. Hearing of Daniel’s love of adventurous stories and his parents’ abhorrence of fiction, Oliver vows to bring Daniel the world, one bloom and one story at a time.

Ninety Blooms & a Wishing Well is a love story featuring a shy trans man, a romantic well-demon, a resourceful archangel, a clumsy nephilim, a gigantic vampire and a cheeky little pickpocket.

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