NaNoWriMo: Day 25


I hit 50K on day 18. I celebrated with booze and cake. I really could’ve worked harder in the week since, but I didn’t. I’ve clocked another 8K though, so I’m not too disappointed with myself.

The problem I’ve had, and it’s a new one for me, is that I planned to write three Victorian novelettes. I figured they’d come in at around 20-25K each. I expected, at the very least, to have started the second story by now. I have not. I’m still lurching through the first, and it doesn’t even feel particularly stodgy. I’ve never been so aware of a word count in my life. So, I’d anticipated having written the best part of three stories by now, and I haven’t even finished the first. It’s dispiriting. What if the next takes just as long? This was supposed to be a short, fun project. Have I over-complicated things? Probably. I’m a few scenes from the end, so I’ll be finding out soon enough.

That wasn’t the only problem. Part of the plot involves a raven mythology in the Tower of London, so my all-consuming rabbit hole this month was actually a raven hole, which isn’t even a thing. Raven’s are my new favourite animal, so I’ll be planning a trip to the Tower soon.

My favourite problem is that I have a new, related story outlined. Tentatively titled Thirteen, I’ll be making a post about it soon.

I actually had a blog post ready to go about a fourth story I’d write if I managed to finish the first three during November. I’m still laughing my arse off about that one.

I hope those of you taking part are having fun and making NaNoWriMo work for you.


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