Quick Catch-Up

I’ve been dreadful about updating my progress on the One Million Words project, so here’s where I’m at so far.

I’ve added the updated word count in orange.

No Good Comes: When You Dig Up the Dead 100K (rewriting my shoddy false start in 3rd person instead of 1st)

complete at 84k

No Good Comes: When the Night Talks Back 100K

complete at 91k

No Good Comes: From a Haunted Hearse 100K

still in outlining phase 12k

No Good Comes: When the World’s Full of Hazards 100K

still in outlining phase (this will be kicked into next year) 9k

Feverish 1 75K

complete at 63k

Feverish 2 75K

complete at 66k

Feverish 3 75K

in draft 41k

Feverish 4 75K

in draft 25k

DeMobbed 1 100K

in draft 60k

DeMobbed 2 100K

still in outlining phase 13k

90 Blooms & a Wishing Well 20K

complete at 22k

Thirteen 30K

still in outlining phase 3k

Magpie’s Garden 25K

in draft 13k

Hollow 25K

kicking this into never

As I’ve spent time researching publishing strategies, different books became a priority, and I ended up adding a number of projects, which I’ve been outlining in full form, basically a cross between a half-arsed script and a skeleton draft. These projects are very bony indeed. With only one buttock each.

They are:

Hazard & Balthazar Investigate: a series of novellas, spinning off from Puddles, which was so popular with the first round of beta readers that I couldn’t leave it alone. The plan right now is to create several six-book series. They’ll be paranormal mysteries with an exceptionally queer bent and will take place a few years after the events of Puddles, to give Davy time to grow up a bit, and so Cecilia can be in them. They won’t be written in full this year because I’m not actually a robot.

Notes already at 54k because this is a beast of a project

The Making of a Coven: a reader magnet for those going into the Not the Same River series, this will be a shortish story of 20k or so words, featuring Sean Morrigan and his coven. I’m hoping to get this done in place of Hollow.

Notes at 4k

The Vampires of Wolfmordre Hall: a novel series spinning off from No Good Comes 2. I barely had an outline for NGC2, so I was surprised to discover a whole new series idea waiting inside it. It will be a series of queer paranormal romance suspense, if that’s even a thing. It will be a thing. Again, the drafting itself will come later.

Notes at 19k

The Uprising: those who’ve read Not the Same River were so curious about the uprising, I decided they deserved the full story. It will likely be published in two parts, the first after book 5 of NTSR, and the second after book 6. I’m anticipating anything from 25 to 50k based on the notes, so this will be an as and when project.

Notes at 9k

I’m at various stages in the outlining process for a total of eleven other projects, some of which will be written as a series, some as standalones. As of now, they will all be written in the Cascade Apocrypha universe, as will all the new projects mentioned above.

Notes at 18k

I’ve been collecting information and writing out a marketing strategy, including notes about every stage in the publishing process, creating a step-by-step guide to use with every project, and a business plan.

The word count for this project is 52k (yes, I am very thorough)

Total wordcount for this year so far:


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