WIP Snippet #4

Legacies Unmasked


This is a little Halloweenish peak into book 5 of Not the Same River (no spoilers). It’s just a brief text conversation between Violet and her best friend, Leia, about the abominable Aunt Gretchen, who first appears in Of Blood & Oil, book 3 of Not the Same River.

Happy Halloween!

character art of Raven Albright. Young man with long black hair and makeup.

WIP Progress

Legacies Unmasked: draft complete, 177k (not sorry)

Series: Not the Same River (#5)

Stage: awaiting line & copy edits

Projected publishing date: October 2023


Aunt Gretchen invited me over for dinner.


Ew! You gonna go?


Don’t have much choice, but it’s gonna be such a let down after Archer’s cooking.


She can’t cook?


She doesn’t even have a spice rack, let alone a spice cupboard like you’ve got. She’s just got table salt in a shaker that looks like Little Bo Peep, and a shepherd boy stuffed to the gills with white pepper. And I guess since it’s Halloween season, she’s probably got pumpkin spice disguised as a porcelain crone or something.

creepy halloween pumpkin patch