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Of Blood & Oil is Live!

Out Now! Of Blood & Oil


Book 3 of Not the Same River comes fifteen months after the battle at the priory, when Violet’s day is ruined by her sister’s recklessness and panic on the London Underground.

Vicious. Hairy. Panic.

A hunted portrait. A twisted duke. An embarrassing crush.

When a hunted portrait arrives at the priory for safekeeping, Violet makes a disturbing discovery or two about her immortal neighbour. And an unwelcome one about herself.

As the resourceful Penhaligons try to figure out what’s so special about the painting, a sinister duke makes a bold move in his bid to claim it. But the painting is not the only thing he’s after.

Can Violet and the Penhaligons outwit the duke and bargain their way to victory? Or will they learn that they’re not the only ones with betrayal in mind?

This book features a vampire who doesn’t know where his trousers are, a stray nephilim, and judgemental goats.

Of Blood & Oil is now available from all major online retailers.

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