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Playlist: July 2023

attractive female vampire biting a woman's neck

Playlist: July 2023

The Hot Vampire Wants to Devour You

This month’s playlist is inspired by the vampires I’ve been writing lately.


The first is Kilgarrah Abaddon, a scarified vampire necromancer, who finds himself in London, paying off a debt to Heaven’s Fury when dozens of corpses rise from the Thames. He wasn’t expecting to find himself a boy.

Victorian Vampire Daddy is rolling out in my subscription (Night Library tier) and features a hefty dose of spice.

The second is Ransom, a Protean vampire, who can take the shape of whatever he likes. I’m still working him out, but he’ll feature in the Pirates of Siorai series. I’m currently writing book two.

The third is Taryn Macleod (below), the modern day vampire prince in my Ream exclusive serial, Earth Render (Cascade at Fever tier). This is a polyamorous romance suspense with four men and one woman (not reverse harem). I’m only a few episodes into this, but there has already been some sexy times between Taryn and his faithful vaewolf.

You can find my Ream subscription here.

sexy vampire in a neon nightclub

So Damn Into You – Vlad Holiday

Belgium To Bordeaux – Canteen

Kiss Me Harder – Jordan Fiction

Want You So Bad – The Vaccines

Hit Me Right – Johnny Goth

Heroin Song – Jadu Heart

Tonight You Are Mine – The Technicolors

The Antidote – St. Vincent

But You – Alexandra Savior

Serpents – Sharon Van Etten

Liquid Reign – Dark Stares

beetlejuice chill – Life After Youth

Dracula Teeth – The Last Shadow Puppets

Fire of Love – Jesse Jo Stark

I’m Having Sex Tonight – GRLwood

Bad Things – Summer Kennedy

You Know Me Too Well – Nothing But Thieves

Plug in Baby – Muse

Take Me To Church – Hozier

Holy Ghost – BØRNS

Lady in the Wall – Danny Knutelsky

skins – The Haunting

Maniac – Phoebe Green


Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums – A Perfect Circle

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