So far my writing credits don’t amount to much. I wrote half a dozen articles for my local independent newspaper a few years ago about the arts, cuts to spending, patient choice and politics. A bit of a mixed bag really, but it wasn’t what I wanted to be writing.

Now I am focused on fiction. I have been writing my heart out for years, always fearing that I may be a bit crap at it and never directing myself towards any kind of finish line. But I’m done with that. Now I have goals and everything. Life is sweet.

I am writing in Chatham, England.

My avatar comes courtesy of Mycatkins on Flickr. It is subject to a creative commons attribution licence and is my avatar on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and NaNoWriMo so you’ll always know it’s me. You can see more of Mike’s photography on his website.

It should go without saying that I own the copyright to all written content on my blog the moment it’s created, but apparently there are people who need reminding that theft is theft.

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