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WIP Snippet #6

WIP Snippet #6

WIP Snippet #6 Puddles in the Pavement   In honour of British Puddlings Day, I bring you a snippet about my pudding-scoffing archangel sleuth, Uriel, from Puddles in the Pavement. This is the first story in which you'll meet Uriel in the flesh, unless you...

Free Books

I’ve teamed up with a host of sci-fi and fantasy authors this month to bring you a free book hoard. With so many subgenres represented, and with novels, novellas and short stories to choose from…

Want a free ARC?

Want a free ARC? A Storm of Paper Starlings is now available as an ARC at BookSirensA Storm of Paper Starlings is now available to read and review for free at BookSirens. When an accident lands Violet in hospital, her mundane life in a London children’s home is...

WIP Snippet #5

WIP Snippet #5 Of Blood & Oil   Directly from the pen of Sean Morrigan, who first features alongside Albert in The Weakest Link, a free prequel novella available exclusively to my newsletter subscribers. If you already have book 1 of my series, A Storm of...

WIP Snippet #4

WIP Snippet #4 Legacies Unmasked   This is a little Halloweenish peak into book 5 of Not the Same River (no spoilers). It's just a brief text conversation between Violet and her best friend, Leia, about the abominable Aunt Gretchen, who first appears in Of Blood...

About Me

Hi, I'm Inka. Storytelling is what sets my soul on fire. I wake up with characters in my head, plot lines on the tip of my tongue, and magical settings flowing from my fingertips.

If reading my books doesn't inspire you to keep turning those pages or make you accidentally burn your dinner, I'm going to be sad. Then I'm going to work harder. RIP your dinner.

Happy reading!

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