From Tangled Roots Come Twisted Wings

Not the Same River: Book 2

When the river rises, there’ll be blood on my hands.

The Penhaligons are tracking the coven as they wreak havoc abroad—creating new vaewolves, attracting wraiths, building an army.

Violet knows this: an attack will come when the river rises.

A Storm of Paper Starlings

Not the Same River: Book 1

What if the ordinary family you crave isn’t ordinary at all?

When an accident lands Violet in hospital, her mundane life in a London children’s home is disrupted by relatives she’s never heard of—the Penhaligons—and a mysterious visitor who disappears into the night after claiming…

The Weakest Link (Newsletter Exclusive)

Not the Same River: Book 0

When life gives you blood and ashes…

Being the only human in the family sucks. Amethyst’s family is just like any other. So, her aunt is a pyromaniac, her uncles are into gardening, tea, and biting, and her dad is the leader of a vampire coven. So what?

From Myths to Monsters

A Supernatural Beings Anthology: Vol 2

Seeking refuge in your disbelief, they can do as they please…

…hide in plain sight to live among us, or scurry into places unknown, weaving new traps to seduce their prey.