Cadence of Truth

Not the Same River: Book 6

A badly behaved plague. The Serpent Girl. The Bloodborn King.

As Violet wrangles her latest bequest into behaving itself and comes to terms with Albert’s fate, Cascade finally comes knocking. And after making an unfortunate first impression on her new boss, she’s forced into facing down her nightmares.

But as the archangel clans build, so do Fane’s forces, fulfilling prophecies old and new, and leading the way into a battle foretold long ago. Because like Michael says, the truth will come for you whether you believe it or not.

And sometimes, it will fall into the palm of your hand.

Cadence of Truth features an abandoned prison in a cursed chair, a nightmare in the London Underground, some atrocious artwork, and the wedding you’ve been waiting for.

This is the final book of Not the Same River, a series in the Cascade Apocrypha storyworld. This series should be read in order.

 Tags: LGBTQ, neurodiversity, diverse characters, urban fantasy, romance, clan building, vampires, angels, demons, vaewolves, the Lion, the God-Wolf, a car with a mind of its own, the Serpent Girl, the Bloodborn King, not that kind of plague, the truth, an apocalypse.


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