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From Tangled Roots Come Twisted Wings

Not the Same River: Book 2

When the river rises, there’ll be blood on my hands.

The Penhaligons are tracking the coven as they wreak havoc abroad—creating new vaewolves, attracting wraiths, building an army.

Violet knows this: an attack will come when the river rises.

What she doesn’t know is why. The tree tapestry Mara spent a century seeking is the key, but the Penhaligons are running out of time to discover what it unlocks.

When the coven returns to England, bigger and stronger than ever, it’s not long before allegiances are tested, throwing Violet’s tentative relationship with her sister into doubt.

When the river rises, Violet must fight for her life, but in the midst of battle, sacrifices will always be made, and her best friend will be changed forever.

Hell is here, and she brought friends.


From Tangled Roots Come Twisted Wings is book 2 of Not the Same River, a six-book series that follows Violet as she goes from lost orphan to treasured warrior, finding the clan she would die for along the way. If you haven’t read book 1 yet, you should start there as this series is meant to be read in order. Due to adult language and dark themes, this book is recommended for readers aged 15+ and is ideal for upper YA/crossover readers who enjoy diverse stories.


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