Legacies Unmasked

Not the Same River: Book 5

A missing archive.  A list of potential bloodborns. An assassin who’s finally stepping into the light.

In the aftermath of Fane’s vicious games, Violet is in desperate need of training.

But she gets more from the nephilim tasked with training her than combat skills. Between the training warehouse, the recovered portrait of Radnor Harding, and the acid-laced tales of a takeaway owner, an intricate tapestry of secrets unravels—the kind of knowledge the archangels keep Violet in the dark about.

Like the location of the coveted Bloodborn Archive, Fane’s list of potential bloodborn vampires, one of whom lurks closer to home than anyone expected, and the identity of the mysterious assassin with the red sleeve—his grace… the ghost in the mirror.

What does he want with her? And why is he coming for her now?

This book features the worst possible audience to Violet’s love life, a gold Ford Capri with a mind of its own, and that fancy archangel you’ve all been waiting for.

Tags: LGBTQ, neurodiversity, diverse characters, urban fantasy, romance, vampires, angels, demons, vaewolves, the Lion, pinballing in the Himalayas, a sentient Ford Capri, archangels aplenty, a bold rescue


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Release date: February 29th 2024