Puddles in the Pavement

Tales from the Noctuary: Book 2

What horrors lie in the puddles in the pavement?

Archangels Uriel and Bel investigate when a distraught lady’s fiancé falls into a puddle and doesn’t come out. But he’s not the only one to be dragged into mysterious depths.

Foul games are afoot in Victorian London, where a well-demon is turned loose from his underground prison with one mission: to collect victims for the torturous games of an idle, immortal duke.

When a single victim from each hunt is returned to their home, word spreads of a deadly wolf, who speaks with the voice of God, striking a new fear into the heart of London.

Why was Lady Emilia’s fiancé taken when he has nothing in common with the other puddle-snatched men? How can Uriel and Bel get him back? And where is that awful singing coming from?


This book features a duke with terrible table manners, a Home Secretary with a questionable appendage, and an exceptionally perky butler.

This is book 2 of the historical mystery Tales from the Noctuary series, but it can be read as a standalone. It is part of the wider Cascade Apocrypha story world. Check out the Not the Same River series.

Tags: LGBTQ, neurodiversity, diverse characters, urban fantasy, queer archangel detectives, Victorian drama, an escort of indeterminate gender with an atrocious voice, voracious puddles, I probably owe the Home Secretary an apology, that Scottish wanker, peaches, ooh issa wolf, hazardous billiards game, the perky butler wilts, a sad set of antlers, Michael being more dramatic than usual, why are you still reading these tags? Go get this book!


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