The Cursed Bones of Sergeant Boom

Kane & Fable: short story

What would you do if a dead corgi followed you home from a funeral?

When Kane and the ghost of his ex-husband, Simeon, investigate the accidental resurrection of a long-dead corgi with their trusty crew, they find an ancient plot to kill a king, a necromancer and his witch sidekick behaving badly in London, and a heart beating beneath the chancel of a royal chapel.

But whose heart is it? And why are there so many ghosts everywhere?

Tags: LGBTQ, neurodiversity, diverse characters, urban fantasy, ghosts, witches, vampires, gods, archangels, necromancers, Welsh corgi, London setting, mystery, short story, historical twist.

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This book is a 16k word novella set in the Cascade Apocrypha storyworld (Not the Same River series, Tales from the Noctuary series).