Of Blood & Oil is Live!

Of Blood & Oil is Live!

Out Now! Of Blood & Oil


Book 3 of Not the Same River comes fifteen months after the battle at the priory, when Violet’s day is ruined by her sister’s recklessness and panic on the London Underground.

Vicious. Hairy. Panic.

A hunted portrait. A twisted duke. An embarrassing crush.

When a hunted portrait arrives at the priory for safekeeping, Violet makes a disturbing discovery or two about her immortal neighbour. And an unwelcome one about herself.

As the resourceful Penhaligons try to figure out what’s so special about the painting, a sinister duke makes a bold move in his bid to claim it. But the painting is not the only thing he’s after.

Can Violet and the Penhaligons outwit the duke and bargain their way to victory? Or will they learn that they’re not the only ones with betrayal in mind?

This book features a vampire who doesn’t know where his trousers are, a stray nephilim, and judgemental goats.

Of Blood & Oil is now available from all major online retailers.

Playlist: April 2023

Playlist: April 2023

Playlist: April 2023

2017 with a Side Order of Dog

This month’s playlist was inspired by the discovery of a secret tomb beneath a London church, which features in a short story I wrote for members of the Thirteen Club.

The Cursed Bones of Sergeant Boom! features Simeon Fable, the ghost who writes a regular column in my newsletter, and his ex-husband as they unravel the mystery of the resurrection of a boisterous corgi.

With their friends, Cecilia (a moonlighting vampire) and Pride (an unassuming god) they uncover an unregistered necromancer and his witch sidekick misbehaving in London, a plot to kill a king, and an ancient vampire with a grudge.

If you haven’t already, you can join the club using the form in the side bar (scroll down for the purple form if you’re on mobile).

You’ll also receive the prequel novella for my series, Not the Same River. Navigate to the Books or Not the Same River sections in the menu above for more information on the series.

Happy listening!

Gothic Christmas witch with amber eyes and fiery red hair

Dog Days Are Over – Florence + The Machine

Something Just Like This – The Chainsmokers, Coldplay

Human – Rag’n’Bone Man

Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

Feel It Still – Portugal, The Man

A Young Understanding – Sundara Karma

Lavender – Two Door Cinema Club

Godmanchester Chinese Bridge (Radio Edit)

Trouble (Unpeeled) – Cage the Elephant

Little Dark Age – MGMT

Love Stuck – Mother Mother

Why Do You Feel So Down – Declan McKenna

Faded Heart – BØRNS

Neon Roses – The Technicolors

Turn – The Wombats

Uncomfortable – Wallows

Hallways – HUNNY

Particles – Nothing But Thieves

Explore – Sundara Karma

Be Who You Are – The Kooks

Even If It Hurts – Sam Tinnesz

Golden Dandelions – Barns Courtney

Believer – Imagine Dragons

Who Let The Dogs Out – Baha Men

Free Fantasy & Sci-Fi Books: April 2023

Free Fantasy & Sci-Fi Books: April 2023

I have a new batch of free books for you this month. If you prefer the All Slaying No Laying brand of urban fantasy, click on the non-spicy extravaganza link below. The link on the right is more of a free for all in terms of what you’ll find, but between these two offers, there are over two hundred books to get your grabby hands on.

Happy Reading!

Free Books

Free Books

Free Books!

I’ve teamed up with a host of sci-fi and fantasy authors this month to bring you a free book hoard. With so many subgenres represented, and with novels, novellas and short stories to choose from, you’re bound to find something that fits your mood.

character art of Raven Albright. Young man with long black hair and makeup.

My novella, The Weakest Link, is just one of the books available to download for free this month.

When life gives you blood and ashes, you’d better have a mop handy.

Being the only human in the family sucks.

Amethyst’s family is just like any other. So, her aunt is a pyromaniac, her uncles are into gardening, tea, and biting, and her dad is the leader of a vampire coven. So what?

It’s her sister that’s the problem. Mara is a liability with a price on her head and wolves at her door. Literally.

When a deadly threat invades their home, trust within the coven is at an all-time low.

And Amethyst is the weakest link.


Click the button or the banner below to find your next read, and hopefully find a new favourite author or two. Happy reading!


How to tell if you’re in an Inka York novel

How to tell if you’re in an Inka York novel

This post is based on articles from The Toast.

Companion post: How to tell if you’re in an Inka York short story

How to tell if you’re in an Inka York novel …


If you throw an amulet, it will land around the neck of a queer person.

You are a twin.

You are related to at least one archangel, probably the foppish one.

You are a soft boy who sews pockets into dresses, or cooks for and feeds everyone, or wears lipstick called Evil Twin, or stops the car to move small animals to the side of the road.

You have pretty eyes and a mouth like a scythe.

You live in a wonky English country house with priest holes, secret tunnels and underground libraries OR in a warehouse just outside of Swindon.

You have a sentient vehicle that loves you as much as it hates you.

You are an artist, probably the kind that mauls things before painting them.


An old man in a stupid hat is making your life hell.

You own a derelict prison full of magical contraband that can only be accessed through a portal in an armchair full of demons. You remain unaware of what a terrible idea this is.

Gin is for peasants.

You’re like a snowman without a halo.

A goat is following you.

Your son has called you a garish pansy at least once this week.

You keep a list of bones you haven’t broken yet.

There are wasps.

The men in your family haunt you with Charles Aznavour records.

The carpet looks like Francis Bacon painted it.

It smells like fudge and furniture polish.

You make necklaces out of teeth.

Your little sister insists you wear matching cosplay, and now you’re a unicorn at a wedding reception.