Content Warning: A Storm of Paper Starlings

Not the Same River: Book One

The NOT THE SAME RIVER series is rated 15+ (though some of the spin-offs have an adult rating) because the themes are dark and there’s a lot of swearing. I sequestered all the fucks to bring you this series, but only let ten loose in A STORM OF PAPER STARLINGS because of the overwhelming number of shits.

I’ve tried to be as thorough as possible here for the comfort and safety of readers. I take your mental health very seriously. There is no gratuitous violence for shock factor and no glorification of horrible people. Please be aware that as this book contains the set-up for Violet’s story, there are more content warnings in this book than its sequels. These warnings hint at events but don’t contain explicit spoilers.


Content warnings for A STORM OF PAPER STARLINGS listed by chapter:

1. Car accident, brief racist microaggressions, hospital/hospital smell, memories of childhood trauma
3. Discussion of maternal death in childbirth
4. In-dream domestic violence/off-page assault of background character (from 100s of years ago)
6. Racist/misogynistic bullying, verbal/physical assault
8. Racist bullying
10. Brief discussion of suicide
12. Brief discussion of stillborn baby and maternal death in childbirth (a generation ago)
21. Off-page bullying and violence
24. Off-page bullying and sexual harassment (non-contact), sexual assault (kiss)
25. Microaggressions discussed, automatic physical response to previous microaggressions, off-page death of farm animal
26. Implied self-harm of secondary character by inclusion of self-soothing gestures
27. Brief discussion of cannibalism of infants
28. Mention of vampire view that proportionate reversal of disabilities is considered “lucky”
29. Discussion of maternal death in childbirth
30. Discussion of maternal death as part of broader discussion (this is not 2 whole chapters of death)
31. Eating placenta in dream (the oddly specific content warning)
33. A death
34. Discussion of infant death (from 30+ years ago)
36. Mention of suicide and torture
37. Sexual assault (kiss) and implied rape (by deception) of secondary character
40. Blood
41. A murder
42. A stabbing


This series is set in England and is written in British English by a British author. If you do spot a genuine typo in A STORM OF PAPER STARLINGS, please report it through the contact form here, where the reporting actually works. I’ll always endeavour to fix what needs fixing.