Content Warning: From Tangled Roots Come Twisted Wings

Not the Same River: Book Two

The NOT THE SAME RIVER series is rated 15+ (though some of the spin-offs have an adult rating) because the themes are dark and there’s a lot of swearing.

For the statisticians among you, there is a 20% rise in swearing in this book, but these were stressful times. The uncensored swear count is in the bonus material, and I don’t know why I do this, but it’s a habit at this point.

Please bear in mind this series is about angels, demons, vampires and various breeds of monster, so to point out every incidence of violence and gore would be difficult and distracting.

I’ve been as thorough as possible here for the comfort and safety of readers. I take your mental health very seriously. There is no gratuitous violence for shock factor and no glorification of horrible people. These warnings hint at events but don’t contain explicit spoilers.

Content warnings for FROM TANGLED ROOTS COME TWISTED WINGS listed by chapter:

4. Desecration of graves, aggressive drunkenness, murder (secondary character retelling)
7. Implied recreational drug use
8. Childhood abuse by mother (short diary entry), mention of stillbirth
13. Drunken behaviour (non-aggressive)
15. Mention of stillbirth and child abuse
20. Brief mention of cannibalism
21. Blood
23. Childbirth
25. Brief, insensitive language about homeless people

From chapter 32 onwards, there is a some gore and injuries. There is also menace surrounding the new babies, but they’ll be fine, I promise.


This series is set in England and is written in British English by a British author. If you do spot a genuine typo in FROM TANGLED ROOTS COME TWISTED WINGS, please report it through the contact form here, where the reporting actually works. I’ll always endeavour to fix what needs fixing.