Cookies Policy

Last updated: August 2022

What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny pieces of text downloaded onto your browser that allow for a smoother experience as you navigate the web.


What do cookies do?

Simply put, they remember you. They remember if you’ve left something in a shopping basket or if you have any site preferences, including those related to the site’s use of cookies.


How does use cookies?

I use Google Analytics via Monster Insights to capture information about people visiting the site.

Google Analytics is not compliant with all privacy laws by default, but I use a plugin called Monster Insights, which anonymises IP addresses and disables UserID tracking. That means it’s not identifying you personally, making it compliant with GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, and PECR.


So, what is being tracked?

  • which pages visitors are viewing
  • how long visitors spend on the site
  • the most popular pages
  • which external links visitors are clicking on from within the website
  • which affiliate links are activated (read my affiliate link disclosure notice here)
  • contact form usage
  • scroll-depth (to determine where visitors lose interest)

This information helps me figure out what content visitors find interesting enough to spend time reading and engaging with, which in turn helps me decide what sort of content to add to my website.

Can I avoid cookies?

Yes. You can delete, block, or allow cookies in your browser settings, and the first time you visit a website, you should have an option pop up, requiring your consent to use cookies.

Please note: if you block all cookies, your browsing experience may be impaired. Allowing necessary cookies is recommended.