13 Club: After Dark


Over at Ream, you’ll find my members only subscription, brimming with early access stories and bonus material. As well as the tiers in the image, there are 3 higher tiers (see the chart below), plus seasonal tiers that you’ll need to look out for in the community posts.

If you don’t know what Ream is, it’s like Patreon, but it was made specifically for authors and readers, so it features an interactive social e-reader (like Wattpad). And unlike Patreon, Ream does not censor steamy romance authors.

13 Club: After Dark, written in purple neon writing against a dark background with a vampire in the corner. Features 3 Ream tiers: Bloodclub donor at $3, Bloodborn Archive at $5, The Back Door at $7.

Currently updating on Ream:


  • Of Blood & Oil (book 3 of Not the Same River)
  • Victorian Vampire Daddy (MM paranormal romantic suspense, standalone set in the same story world).
  • Earth Render (MMMMF paranormal serial, featuring a witch, a vampire, a vaewolf, a witchblood raven shifter, and a nephilim with a huge secret. Also set in the same story world).
  • My Ex & His Boyfriend (MMM contemporary gay romance, set in the Feverish story world. TBA pen name).

You can also read my subscriber exclusive novellas if you follow me over there:

  • The Weakest Link (prequel to Not the Same River series)
  • The Cursed Bones of Sergeant Boom! (a Kane & Fable short story set in the same story world).
  • Pride’s Treasure (a series of mini adventures where the chaos is all your fault. Because in this story, the MC is YOU!)

You’ll also earn points for every month you stick with the subscription, which you’ll be able to save up and redeem for personalised drabbles & one-shots, or mystery merch.

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