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Who is Inka York?


Inka York is an inventor of worlds, slayer of biscuits, and destroyer of tea. In that order.

Born in London, she was transplanted to a greenhouse in Kent, where she screamed in the sunlight until someone kindly moved her to a cave.

She is there still. Waiting.

Inka got an early start to author life, writing new endings to Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales to make them less sad. She got over that quickly, casting Luke Skywalker as the villain who turned to the dark side in her epic Star Wars fanfic.

She now writes queer urban fantasy with hellspawn and halos—stories about soft supernatural being, glorious misfits, and utter bastards. With her extreme commitment issues to subgenre, her writing features vampires and shifters, angels and demons, witches and mermaids, and even the occasional fairy, duly accompanied by a hedgehog boy. You’ll find sibling banter, ride-or-die friendships, sentient vehicles, and really badly behaved goats. If you enjoy queer and neurodivergent characters in your fantasy, these books were written just for you.

Writing is Inka’s first love, but she’s also been a photographer, a co-editor of a local independent news website, and co-founder of a local arts & community collective that made pure magic for a while.

Inka lives in the southeast of England with her wonderful spouse and the gaping chasm left behind when Kid A and Kid B flew away to find their own caves.

Her first series, Not the Same River, will be released throughout 2022 and 2023, starting with A Storm of Paper Starlings. A series of historical spin-off novellas called Tales From the Noctuary will be peppered between them.

The Weakest Link, a free prequel to A Storm of Paper Starlings is exclusively available to members of the Th1rt3en Club, Inka’s monthly newsletter. You can join here.

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