Report Errors


There is a saying in the indie author community that the best time to find typos is just after you hit publish.

Even after line and copy edits, even after the proofreaders have had at it, there is still scope for errors. We’re all human, and sometimes we miss things.

If you’ve found a typo in one of my books, stories, or newsletter exclusives, please let me know using the contact form below.

Just a reminder that I write in British English, so please check with a reputable source before submitting.

To help me find the error in a sea of text, please write the offending word in capitals and include a few of the surrounding words to give your error report context.

For example:

A wave of lethargy tries to DRUG me under.

You can include as many errors as you find in one report as long as they all pertain to the same book.

Thank you for being a vigilant reader. I appreciate you.