Playlist: December 2022

Playlist: December 2022

Playlist: December 2022

A Gothic Christmas

I’ve had this one in my earholes for two weeks straight, which is weird, because the usual Christmas songs have often driven me bonkers by now.

This playlist has all the folky witchy vibes, is packed with atmosphere, and is the perfect backdrop for running out into the snow to fling yourself dramatically into the powder.

I would advise against that, though. Frostbite is no fun.

If you want to check out the Pinterest board that inspired this playlist, you can find it here.

Gothic Christmas witch with amber eyes and fiery red hair

Cold Blows Wind – Katharine Blake

Winter Burial – Becky Barksdale

Ode to My Forthcoming Winter – Part 4. Winter – Autumn Tears

Winter – Dargaard

Winters Night – Die Verbannten Kinder Evas

As It Fades – VNV Nation

Frozen Alone – Mark Russell

Ice Song – Max Ablitzer

Sleep Tight – Chris White

Forest Lullaby – Nox Arcana

Winter Haven – Nox Arcana

Winter’s Majesty – Nox Arcana

White Woodlands – Nox Arcana

Winter Lullaby – Brandon Fiechter

Castle of Ice – Derek Fiechter, Brandon Fiechter

Ice Dance – Danny Elfman

Solstice Spirits – Nox Arcana

Winter’s Chill – Derek Fiechter

Snowy Owl Lullaby – Derek Fiechter, Brandon Fiechter

The Raven – Nox Arcana

White Specter – Adrian Von Ziegler

Christmas Monster – Matthew Corbett, Mike Wilkie

Christmas Spirits – Dark Solitude

Christmas Overture – Midnight Syndicate

Carol of The Bells – Really Slow Motion