WIP Snippets #2

WIP Snippets #2

WIP Snippet #2

DeMobbed 2


This snippet is from the second book of DeMobbed (working title), a duology that is my only series set in the U.S. This snippet comes close to the end of the book, but it’s not too spoilery. Gabriel features in the Not the Same River series, and Puddles in the Pavement, a historical spin-off in which I accidentally made him the Home Secretary.

character art of Raven Albright. Young man with long black hair and makeup.

WIP Progress

DeMobbed 1: draft complete, 87,283 words

DeMobbed 2: draft in progress, 108, 727 words

Series: DeMobbed duology

Stage: combined developmental edits

Projected publishing date: late 2024

Gabriel raised an eyebrow but didn’t confirm one way or the other. “The point is, Montero believes he has the stone, and he called in Ash Nightstorm.”

Indy froze at the name, which he’d always thought of as a dippy hippy name, but it was taking on a different complexion now, and he didn’t like that.

“Who the heck in a hat-stand is Ash Nightstorm?” asked Ursula. “Are we playing Dungeons and Dragons now?”

Indy kept silent.

“Do none of you know how to keep your peace?” Raphael boomed.

“Don’t you start with me, Thor. I’m supposed to be driving my ambulance right now, attending normal accidents like, oh I just fell on this cucumber, and my cheating husband just walked into this pitchfork, not whatever the hell this is.”

“I’m sorry to spoil your plans for tonight, Ms Fields,” said Gabriel. “And while they do sound fun, saving the world will look much more impressive on your resumé when you’re job hunting.”

“I like my job just fine, thank—” Ursula’s face fell. “They’re gonna fire me, aren’t they?”

“You absconded with an ambulance and a coma patient,” Gabriel reminded her.

Ursula pouted. “They made me do it.”

“I’m sure you can sing your way out of the consequences,” said Gabriel, “but Astaroth tells me you’re destined for greater things.”

Ursula sat a little straighter. “Really?”

Gabriel nodded. “Can we get on?”

Ursula waved her hand elegantly for Gabriel to continue.

He didn’t seem to mind, but as he drew breath to speak, Sunny blurted, “Okay, but who is Ash Stormcloud?”

“Nightstorm,” Indy corrected, swallowing hard. “And he’s my father.”