Day 10

So, it's day 10, and I've hit the halfway mark. Twenty five thousand words. Two new characters. Lots of questions to delve into. A ghastly tour around an abandoned mental hospital. Menace on the underground. An unexpected comedy crush. The return of some favourite but relatively unexplored characters. I'm having heaps of fun, especially as... Continue Reading →


My first camp is over. My target was 50K. My final word count was 71,375. I've validated it so now it's official. I won. I'm about 65% through my outline so I'm not done yet, but I've broken the back of a story┬áthat's been sitting on the back-burner for almost thirty years so I'm feeling... Continue Reading →

Nearly there

  I'm almost at 65K with just a couple of days to go. I want to really push this baby. Hope you're staying motivated. I'm looking forward to blogging about other things though. Haven't had a spare moment to scratch my butt.

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