Meet Glenda Dobbs

Made of equal parts Yorkshire grit, Rambo and Delia Smith, Glenda has lived with the Penhaligons at the priory for more than 30 years. She's the ultimate housekeeper, with eyes in the back of her head, a knack for shooting and no love for naughty goats. She has an ancient partner, a brusque telephone manner,... Continue Reading →

Roots and Wings: An Unwelcome Visitor

From Roots and Wings, book two of the Not the Same River series. A vaewolf turns up at the priory. Stupid vaewolf. *** “Don’t look,” said Seth, because Archer was already turning around. “Just pretend we’re still talking.” Archer made a good effort, but Amethyst looked kind of constipated. “How many?” Daniel whispered. “One, I... Continue Reading →

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