Out Now! Secrets at the Door

Out Now! Secrets at the Door

Out Now! Secrets at the Door


The first book of the Tales from the Noctuary series is available now from all major online retailers. This series currently has four books written, each taking place in a different historical setting. This one features characters who can be found in the first two books of my Not the Same River series. If you’ve read them, you’ll recognise the Merryweather coven, Adam Castle in his younger days, and his friend Amos Blackmore.

Each book in the Tales from the Noctuary series can be read as a standalone.

The secrets aren’t at the door. They’re already in the house.

Betsy’s reluctance to lead the Merryweather coven puts her entire family in danger, and with an injured vampire showing up on their doorstep and a bloodborn harvest to resurrect, they can’t afford mistakes.

When the coven is targeted on neighbouring Castle land, the only reliable witness is a young girl found hiding in the family mausoleum. But the girl is not what she seems.

Lotus is a secret keeper with a bind on her tongue. When one of the Merryweathers finds her unconscious in the woods, Betsy helps Lotus unravel her tongue, slowly learning the terrible truth about what her coven has been harbouring for years.


This book features a fat, beekeeping lesbian vampire, a well-demon in need of a haircut, and romantic elements (f/f & m/nonbinary). Although this book is a standalone, it features characters from the Not the Same River series, so reading both will provide a richer experience.

Due to certain graphic elements, this is recommended for readers aged 18+