I’ll add blurbs and progress updates as I go. Publication is a way off, but I currently have no plans to pursue a traditional publishing deal, so I’m in control of dates.

You can find info about the Not the Same River series here.

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Not the Same River spin-offs



lotuscoll2Betsy Merryweather’s reluctance to lead puts her coven at risk when they’re targeted in a revenge plot. Lotus — a little girl with unknown power who is found hiding nearby in the Castle family’s mausoleum — is the only reliable witness to the horrible deeds that go down on Castle land. But Lotus is a secret keeper with a bind on her tongue, and when a member of Betsy’s coven finds her unconscious in the woods, Betsy helps Lotus unravel her tongue, slowly learning the terrible truth about what her coven has been harbouring for years.

Features: fat lesbian vampire MC, lesbian god MC, gay & trans rep, dwarf rep, sexy times, queer coven, queer neighbours, ridiculous goats.

Progress: edited, complete at 38K

Historical fantasy. LGBTQ+. 18+.

Publishing order: after NTSR 2: Roots and Wings.



Ribbet collageA well-demon is released from his underground prison with one mission: to collect victims for the torturous games of an idle, immortal duke and the nobility he blackmails through his dastardly book of wagers.

When a single victim from each game is allowed to return to their own world, word spreads of a deadly wolf who speaks with the voice of God, striking a new fear into the heart of Victorian London.

Archangels, Uriel and Bel, investigate when a distraught lady’s fiancé goes missing. But Lady Emilia Sauvage is not what she seems.

Features: bi archangel MC, gay archangel MC, trans clairvoyant SC, gods and demons, a perky butler, terrible singing, naughty puddles, a mouldering duke, a talking wolf, a cursed stag’s head, pudding and peaches.

Progress: pre-edit, draft complete at 33k

Historical fantasy. LGBTQ+. 18+.

Publishing order: after NTSR 4: Moonstruck Consent


The Lion and the Wolf

Ribbet collage“Save what is worth saving.”

The Lion is an ancient vampire assassin paying off a life debt one murder at a time. When he stumbles upon a gruesome ritual, he saves the only person worth saving — a cursed boy bitten by a werewolf. But the rescue soon becomes imprisonment for a hunted vaewolf, and even a fearsome lion can lose his heart to a wolf who refuses to be afraid anymore.

This is a story about a man with dirty hands who wants the man he loves to stay clean. It’s about rescue, ruin, lies and betrayal. It’s about a lion and a wolf.

Features: gay vampire assassin MC, gay vaewolf MC, sexy times.

Progress: pre-edit, complete at 18K

Historical fantasy. LGBTQ+. 18+.

Publishing order: after NTSR 5: Legacies Unmasked


Furies at the Gate

furies at the gateInfuriated by the sluggish progress and bureaucratic constraints at Heaven’s Fury (AKA Cascade) a group of violent femmes goes rogue.

Chapter leader, Silver Abrecan, a demon of regrettable lineage, took on Raguel Templar — archangel and chief lawmaker at Heaven’s Fury — and lost.

Talked into tossing out the rule book by her knife-smuggling vampire wife, Hazy Lin, Silver teams up with fellow leader, Elspeth Drummond, the world’s only female vaewolf, and Shanti Lawrence, a whirlwind-fast nephilim. Together, they stalk the men who make London unsafe for women at night. Together, they make traffickers cry. And bleed.

Abel Ruskin has been building his empire for decades. He deals in two things: weapons and women. The Furies … they don’t like that. But as fast as they shut down one operation, another springs up in its place. All the while, Ruskin remains elusive, pulling strings from afar. When Ruskin starts targeting young girls, the Furies’ ranks multiply, and a lucky break brings them within spitting distance of Ruskin himself and the secret he’s been hiding all these years.

When a rescue attempt goes awry, Raguel is ready to throw the book at the rogue team. But there are extra Furies at the gate, ready for battle: Raguel’s own daughter, Yaleni, and her banished mother’s dangerous sibling, Nancy Wilde.

Furies is inspired by Charlie’s Angels and Life on Mars but with demonic lesbians and better cars.

Features: lesbian demon, lesbian vampire, bi vaewolf, black nephilim, non-binary demon, confused human seer, a fucking amazing car, roller-skating dance-off, grumpy demon sex. All characters are British but their heritage is mixed.

Progress: in draft, fully outlined, 7K

Historical fantasy. LGBTQ+. 18+.

Publishing order: after NTSR 6: Cascadence of Truth


Two Souls and a Pocket Watch

two souls 2Vampire daddies are all the rage, but Armando Rose really doesn’t want one.

He’s always been too pretty for his own good, but when a friend inconveniently dies, leaving him with a child to take care of, he assumes he’ll suddenly become less desirable to the undesirable men of the underground — a fact which would’ve suited him eminently, thank you very much. But he assumes wrong. His new charge is already the best pickpocket in London at seven years old, and there is no shortage of men willing to exploit her.

Now, the Thames is alive with corpses thanks to the vengeful machinations of Jack Wish, who wants Cecilia’s nimble fingers and Armando’s body for himself. As a nephilim with two souls, Armando is corpse food. Unable to tap into his powers due to his father’s refusal to acknowledge him, he is forced to seek out something he never has before — a vampire protector.

Disfigured by a deranged nephilim, Abaddon has reason enough to distrust angels, especially pretty ones like Armando Rose, but wherever he goes, so goes the Rose. And where Rose goes, trouble follows.

Can a supernaturally awkward angel and an enormous scarred vampire find love with a little help from a mischievous pickpocket?

Features: bi vampire necromancer MC, gay nephilim MC, trans SC, demi/pan well-demon SC, adorable pickpocket SC, queer archangel disasters Bel & Uriel, corpses. Lots of sexy times. Not with corpses.

Progress: pre-edit, complete at 61K

Historical fantasy. LGBTQ+.18+.

Publishing order: after Furies at the Gate


Ninety Blooms and a Wishing Well

Note: this is a companion tale of Two Souls & a Pocket Watch.

90 blooms coll

“I was twelve years old the first time I summoned a well-demon to the garden.”

Sitting by the well in his garden, Daniel raises a penny to his lips and whispers his wish.

“I am so lonely. My brothers are gone, my parents are empty. This house is my prison, this body my cell. All I ask is for a friend to call my own.”

Oliver hears every word, each striking his heart, each an echo of his own loneliness. Hearing of Daniel’s love of adventurous stories and his parents’ abhorrence of fiction, Oliver vows to bring Daniel the world one bloom and one story at a time.

Features: gay trans man MC, demi/pan well-demon MC, flowers, stories, wishes.

Progress: in draft, fully outlined, 3.2K

Historical fantasy. LGBTQ+.

Publishing order: same time as Two Souls & a Pocket Watch




Lesbian power couple, Silver Abrecan (demon) and Hazy Lin (vampire), set up a bad luck club for female dandies in superstitious Edwardian London. The club’s curious stage acts are the talk of the town, and Hazy’s eccentric grandmother convinces the couple to open their doors to a wider audience for one night only.

But what happens when the locked doors designed to keep the public out become the means to lock the guests in? What happens when the club’s exclusive membership is infiltrated by the dregs of a vampire hunting guild thought long-dead? What happens when thirteen dandies strain at the leash of a full moon?

Features: lesbian MCs, possible sexy times.

Progress: partially outlined

Historical fantasy. LGBTQ+.

Publishing order: after Two Souls & a Pocket Watch and Ninety Blooms & a Wishing Well



DeMobbed duology

demobbedduoEverybody’s running from something.

Sunny started out running from his guilt. Now he’s running from demon mobsters because he accidentally won $2.5 million and a pocketful of secrets.

Freya’s running from an arranged marriage to her demon mobster father’s ancient right-hand man.

Indy’s running because his handler died, reinstating his full demon status, and he keeps phasing in and out of the furniture — that means his cover’s about to get blown sky high.

Vlad is a vampire who just wants his soul back, but he didn’t win that poker game, and the secret location of his soul is in Sunny’s pocket.

Jay gets cursed and has his sentient camper van stolen by a bunch of Vegas runaways. He’s running from the un/holy organisation known as Cascade, a family legacy he’d rather forget, and the man he thinks he can’t have.

Thanks to the bunch of misfits hiding out in his van, he’s now on the run from demon mobsters, the FBI, and possibly James Bond, for stealing money, souls and secrets.

Can this unlikely crew of vampire, skinkubus (succubus/incubus hybrid), well-demon, nephilim and human seer find common ground? They’d better, because there’s an assassin on their tail, and he has no use for guns.

Features: polyamorous rep, pan MCs, gay MCs, trans SC, sexy times.

Progress: first book in draft, 49K, second book partially outlined

Contemporary fantasy. LGBTQ+. 18+.

Publishing order: After 13

No Good Comes series

No Good Comes: When You Dig Up the Dead

ngcseriesIn the beginning, he was dead.

Erin Nixon works as a handler for Cascade, preparing freshly raised bloodborn vampires for their new lives. Theo Eidolon is her latest case.

When Theo discovers Erin’s murder is unsolved and that she’s prohibited from pursuing her case by her employers, he resolves to pick up the trail where it went cold. And where it went cold is in his old home town.

As they negotiate their year-long co-living arrangement, Theo’s awkwardness, Erin’s stunted relationship with her childhood best friend who’s still human, Cascade’s expectations, a mountain of hair dye, and their own sweet relationship, this pair of aces dig deeper than expected in more ways than one.

But what they discover is this : some truths are better off buried.

Features: pan/grey ace MC, fat panromantic demi/ace MC, queer SCs.

Progress: in draft, 27K

Contemporary fantasy. LGBTQ+. 18+.


In no particular order:

No Good Comes: When an Inspector Calls

No Good Comes: When a Crow Dies at Dawn

No Good Comes: When the Night Talks Back

No Good Comes: From Dancing on a Grave

No Good Comes: When a Cut-Off Phone Rings

No Good Comes: When the World’s Full of Hazards

No Good Comes: From a Haunted Hearse

Progress: some scenes written, partial to full outlines

Contemporary fantasy. LGBTQ+. 18+


Standalone Novellas

Magpie’s Garden

magpie collThe first time a hedgehog rolled into his garden and grew legs, Magpie thought he’d imagined it.

Magpie hasn’t spoken a word since he lost his daughter. When he builds a fairy garden in her honour, the last thing he expects is a hedgehog boy to move in with his fairy clan. Shattering Magpie’s quiet world, his new neighbours spiral into panic as they decorate their homes for their prince’s arrival.

Expecting an uppity little pint-sized prince, Magpie is dismayed when a mountain of a man arrives with his court of talking animals.

Still silent, Magpie is introduced to Prince Vallar as John — hedgehog boys called Stalk are not very creative at human names — but nothing could force him to remain silent when he wakes in the arms of a veritable Viking hellbent on getting him into bed.

Features: bi and gay MCs, queer & polyamorous fairy families, a Viking in an apron, movie analysis, dirty dancing.

Progress: fully outlined

Contemporary but whimsical fantasy. LGBTQ+.



sustenance collClio was once a muse. Cursed for her unnatural beauty, she was imbued with a godhead to save her life. Now, she needs three things to come alive in the world to which she truly belongs: the touch of her human lover, Tipsy; the fruit that grows in Tipsy’s garden, and; a single, unwittingly sacrificed memory from a house guest once a year. Clio cherishes every moment in the human world, knowing her time with Tipsy is short; a few days at the end of every summer is no time at all.

Tipsy is lonely without her cursed love. Desperate to keep Clio with her forever — and away from the gods who claim her consciousness through the forgotten months — Tipsy lures people to her museum-like home to steal their memories. The more they forget, the more Clio lives and breathes.

But Tipsy’s greed has consequences. Who will be remembered when everything is forgotten?

Progress: partially outlined

Dark fairy tale. LGBTQ+.


gothwreckedMercy is heading to university this year, but she’s got to get through a summer by the sea first because her despicably romantic fathers — Delphinium Sorrows AKA Kelp Dad and Cillian Joy AKA Orchid Dad — decided to buy a wrecked gothic castle on a rock overhanging a beach. At least Mercy has her eternally youthful doberman for company, but even the aptly named Dorian Gray is showing signs of too many years of decadent living.

When her beloved dog sniffs out an otherworldly creature washed up on the beach, Mercy is bewitched by the blue skin and distorted human features. She doesn’t expect it to wake up just as she’s making her first incision.

Luna-lei wakes on a stretching rack with a hideous face looming over her. She opens her mouth to scream, but nothing comes out because Luna-lei is an idiot who swapped her voice for … something.

Once they stumble upon a means of communication, Luna-lei can pass off her new legs and hair growth as evolutionary adaptations, but when Mercy grows a gill, Luna-lei explains her exalted family’s legacy and the bonding process her ancestors warned her about. She thought nobody could be more disappointed or horrified by their bonding than she is. She’s wrong.

Mercy is a howling ball of mutating hormonal rage, and Luna-lei is insulted and aggrieved by her bondmate’s indifference towards her and her rude dismissal of her heritage. So insulted and so aggrieved, she sets about making herself desirable to the cruel girl who calls herself Mercy.

Features: fat mermaid MC, autism & ADHD rep, gay dads, chaotic mersquid aunt, exhausted doberman.

Progress: reworking an old story, new version partially outlined

YA. Retelling of classic fairy tale. LGBTQ+.


Nine Lives

Progress: partially outlined










Features: feline MC on her fourth life, queer SCs, disability rep, witches, bitches, technical glitches.

YA fantasy. LGBTQ+.

Mix Tape

Progress: partially outlined

feels coll








Features: gay MC, questioning MC, a tape left on a bus, music, bad ideas.

Romance. LGBTQ+. 18+. 1980s.


Poisoned Throne

Ladies’ Maid

Dead Air

Fifty Walks of Shame

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