Not the Same River

Her name is Violet. It’s all I can give her.

That’s what it said in the note severing me from my roots — the note tucked carefully beside me in the equally abandoned car seat when I was freshly born.

My life was paper-thin — born on a day heavy with grief — with no parents to know, no heritage to learn, and no clue who the I in the note was. My narrative was made of untruths and un-lies, shameful and unsharable, existing nowhere but in my own head. Knowing nothing weighed a lot.

… It was sixteen years before I began to know the truth, and even that was before all the other things wanted me dead.

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Not the Same River is a series of 6 books following Violet’s quest for belonging in a family of angels, demons, vampires and vae breeds, her later recruitment to Cascade (an elite un/holy task force) and the ultimate battle that costs her family dearly.

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You’ll find drafted scenes tagged with Not the Same River and the relevant book title:

1. Paper Starlings

Violet Nash. Heritage unknown.

After a childhood of dark-lit silence and a lifetime in care, Violet dreams of having an ordinary family to call her own. When the Penhaligons find her, she has nothing to leave behind in London.

But the Penhaligons are far from ordinary. Power and magic lurk at the priory, Violet’s new home in the Oxfordshire countryside. While she negotiates her place in the family, her complicated heritage unravels, revealing long-kept secrets and ancient bloodlines.

The new neighbours aren’t ordinary either, and it’s no coincidence they moved so close to Violet. The coven of vampires, vaewolves and night hags has harboured Violet’s twin sister, Amethyst, since she was born. But Violet has a connection to the coven Amethyst doesn’t have — a powerful secret that lies dormant in her blood.

While Violet gets to know her sister and their long-lost father and discovers latent powers of her own, the coven is in crisis. Nobody knows who to trust. When Amethyst and the man who raised her are targeted by his other daughter, Violet and her family are drawn into a fight to save them.

TL;DR: What if the ordinary family you crave finds you? Only they’re not ordinary, neither are you, and neither are the vampire neighbours raising your twin sister.

Final draft complete. 119K (cut from 167K)

2. Roots and Wings

Blurb coming soon.

Final draft complete. 129K (from 176K).

3. Of Blood and Oil

Final draft complete. 129K (from 172K).

4. Moonstruck Consent

Draft complete, final edit in progress. 126K (from 160K).

5. Legacies Unmasked

Draft complete, final edit pending. 177K (from 198K)

6. Cascadence of Truth

Draft complete, final edit pending. 210K (from 287K). Yeah, you heard me.

I’m updating the words cut & total words as I go.

Starting total words: 1,160,000

Cut tally: 258,000

Total words: 890,000

The series is set in Oxfordshire, England. Paper Starlings will be published in 2021.

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